Dress for your big day!

November 21st, 2015 was a truly amazing day.  Just like everyone says, our wedding day went by fast.  It was filled with butterflies, laughter, tears, and lots of excitement!

When planning the look and feel of our wedding I didn’t have a true color scheme or theme.  I just wanted to ensure that our day expressed who Curt and I are as a couple.  Warm, unique, welcoming, and fun!

Dressing for our day was something we took very serious.  Our officiate even integrated the importance of dressing for our future into our ceremony message.  We weren’t just putting on a pretty dress or nice suit – we were putting our wedding clothes on.  Clothes that showed our love for each other and our commitment to the details in our relationship.

Take a peek into our special day.


Location:  Lowertown Event Center, Saint Paul, MN

Photographer:  Tim and Madie Photography, Saint Paul, MN

Flowers:  Fleur de Lis, Saint Paul, MN

Cake:  Buttercream, Saint Paul, MN


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