Off to the Cape

I’m back!  Hoping to “jump back on the horse” when it comes to this blog.  I have learned a lot about myself as I have tried to launch this blog.  Routine is NOT my thing!  Maybe it is my personality or maybe it is the ever changing environment of retail that has made me hate doing the same thing over and over again.  I will admit I am rather jealous of those people (my husband) who never stray from their routines and therefore gets a lot done exactly how they planned it.  I have tried to make lifestyle changes and stick to a routine and it just isn’t working for me!  So, bear with me as these posts may feel sporadic.

As usual summer is going way to fast and before we know it, fall will be approaching.  So we are off to the Cape!  Meeting my husband’s family out there to celebrate my in-laws upcoming 40th wedding anniversary.  Taking a break from the many house projects that we have on our plate and hoping to enjoy some much needed beach time and relaxing.  I will return with some lovely photos of the beach, shops and some outfit inspiration for the rest of our summer days.




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