Wake me up when September ends…

Another summer nearing an end and ending too fast as usual.  But after a crisp week with the windows open I am slowly beginning to feel ready for the change in seasons.  And how can you not get excited when the colors are deep and warm and the fabrics are soft and textured?  The fall fashions always make the transition a little easier for me.

This fall I am loving that the styles are reminiscent of the 70’s and the 90’s – both great eras in my opinion.  Flare jeans and suede minis will be sneaking back into our lives and I am still on the search for the flirty lace up tops to pair with them!  Burnt orange, deep turquoise, camel and burgundy will fill our fall closets just like the leaves on the trees.  And guess what – these colors should fill your home this fall too!

I am digging the mid-modern style that is filling our spaces.  So for fall – I am going to add some painted pumpkins and some natural branches and greenery to my fireplace mantel.  And next time I am at my favorite furniture shop, Southside Vintage, I am going to pick up a European mount or a set of antlers.

Enjoy this time of change and fall colors!

My personal plug for a great vintage furniture shop – check out Southside Vintage!

1832 E 42nd St, Minneapolis, MN 55407


#dress in happiness



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